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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Caribbean Cruising - Costa Maya Port - YouTube

We spent two weeks in the Coast Maya. It's paradise ~ untouched by tourism in many ways; the beaches, the snorkeling, the countryside, the Maya Ruins.

On this day, we spent some time exploring the port of Costa Maya - destination for many cruise ships. Destroyed in 2007 by Hurricane Dean, within 18 months and much hard work, it was rebuilt and receiving ships and tourists again.

It's a beautiful port and offers so much to do if you chose to just disembark and hang our around the port. Otherwise, there are many, many things to see and do in this area.

Why Harper had to win a majority in Canada, rules or no rules.

There's a global chess game unfolding right now and it's going to pit the Western Alliance of North American countries, Eurozone and Australia against the Eastern and emerging alliance made up of the BRIC countries.

Back in June 2008 China called for a world currency; China snubs U.S. dollar! Calls for new world currency maybe even the Euro to replace the dollar.

"In November, concerns about some EU member states' debts start to grow following the Dubai sovereign debt crisis. In December, Greece admits that its debts have reached 300bn euros - the highest in modern history." (exerpt from Timeline: The unfolding eurozone crisis )

The Euro will not replace the dollar and Erozone countries start on a downward spiral economically. Governments are voted and/or undemocratically  replaced by - Conservative governments.

France, UK, and other like minded leaders take control. In 2011 Canadian elections tactics were employed to make sure there is no alternative than a majority Conservative Harper government.

Obama will lose the 2012 US elections.

BRIC expands . . . 

Meanwhile Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) strengthen by admitting South Africa and are now working to have their own World Bank/IMF model.

Leaders from the world's five largest developing economies — the so-called BRICS — are moving toward the formation of a shared development bank.

The world is reshaping in geopolitical ways. China and India continue to buy Iranian oil Obama embargo or not. China is opening up new trading routes and markets with resource rich Russia and trade between the BRIC countries reaches record levels.In a move to insulate themselves from the Euro-Zone debt crisis and to boost trade amid slow growth in the West, the Heads of State signed several agreements aimed at facilitating trade.

The group also slammed the West for their lax in monetary policy and for causing instability in global financial markets, statements that drew flak from several influential commentators. The participants of the summit also proposed setting up a Brics-specific bank modeled along the lines of the World Bank and of the International Monetary Fund.

What about our children? . . .

Our kids will grow up in a world very different than the one we knew. Do you think a new arms race will be far off? The Western alliance conservatives do not want to play with anyone else but like minded people so isolation and confrontation is preferred over co-operation. We the people are mere pawns and pawns are expandable.

Thursday, March 29, 2012



To All Canadians,

We're taking the fight to expose election fraud to the next level – and I urgently need your help.

You've likely heard news from our press conference on Parliament Hill earlier this week where we made a major announcement. The Council of Canadians is now supporting legal actions to annul the election results in seven federal ridings.

These are legal actions brought by several courageous Canadians, regular people like you and I, who are stepping forward with evidence of fraudulent activities they encountered during the 2011 federal election. They are bravely exercising their rights under the Canada Elections Act, which empowers individuals to contest the election results in their riding if there were "irregularities, fraud or corrupt or illegal practices".

Regardless of political stripes, we can all agree that any attempt to deliberately interfere with an individual's fundamental constitutional right to vote cannot be tolerated. And where that right was denied, it must be legally restored.

These fraudulent election activities are a harsh reminder that as Canadians we cannot take the integrity of our democracy for granted. Neither our individual democratic rights nor our collective responsibility to defend them ended on Election Day May 2, 2011. True democracy is a 24-7 pursuit.

Today, I am proud to announce the Council of Canadians has launched the Democracy 24-7 Legal Fund to raise the funds necessary to pursue justice for all voters who were affected. Court challenges can be long and costly, and we need to raise $240,000 now.

I'm asking you and all concerned Canadians across the country who believe there was election fraud to contribute. Your donation of $24 (or as generous as you can be) to the Democracy 24-7 Legal Fund will help to support these 7 legal actions and the Council's work moving forward. Can I count on you?

If you are active on social media, please help spread the word too!

Imagine, if 10,000 Canadians each contribute $24, together we can sustain this fight to expose election fraud and begin to restore the integrity of our Canadian democracy that has been stolen.

I know you agree this is a fight worth fighting. With your gift of only $24 you will be part of groundbreaking actions that may lead to changes on the current political landscape and the way Canadian elections are run and regulated in the future.

We simply can't allow election fraud to go unchallenged. Please give to the  Democracy 24-7 Legal Fund today.

With thanks,
Garry Neil
Executive Director
The Council of Canadians

Butterfly - Beauty of Nature

Beautiful and delicate, butterfly are day-flying insect of the order Lepidoptera, which includes the butterflies and moths.

Like other holometabolous insects, the butterfly's life cycle consists of four parts: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Most species are diurnal.

Butterflies have large, often brightly coloured wings, and conspicuous, fluttering flight. Butterflies comprise the true butterflies (superfamily Papilionoidea), the skippers (superfamily Hesperioidea) and the moth-butterflies (superfamily Hedyloidea). All the many other families within the Lepidoptera are referred to as moths.

The earliest known butterfly fossils date to the mid Eocene epoch, between 40--50 million years ago.

music by Catherine Corelli 10 - Heaven Syndrome

Port of Costa Maya Cruise Ship Terminal - YouTube

The Port of Costa Maya really is spectacular. It was completely destroyed in 2007 by Hurricane Dean and 18 months later . . . rebuilt and working again!

Beautiful, new, modern port with many things to see and do, but the Port of Costa Maya is just the gateway to an amazing place waiting to be be discovered by you.

We were treated royally by the Port of Costa Maya including having a full size bus at our disposal for transportation.

music by Alexander Blu 05 - December, 04 - Balkan

Port of Costa Maya - Travel Mexico - YouTube

We spent 14 days in the Port of Costa Maya and had one day off - we filmed the Christmas Party that day.  When we are at destinations we are often busy from morning til past midnight, but man is it good.  The people we meet, things we see and do, fantastic!

Music by Alexandr Filippov 12 - Frescoes and 01 - Alex Alexandroff - I believe

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lionfish Spearfishing - Mahahual Mexico Costa Maya

Lionfish, beautiful and dangerous.

The venomous lionfish has invaded the oceans of the world, and it has little to fear. In the Caribbean, it has no natural enemies. In fact, it is causing great distruction to Caribbean reefs because of this and because of it's voracious appetite.

The venom of the lionfish, delivered via an array of up to 18 needle-like dorsal fins, is purely defensive.The Lionfish relies on camouflage and lightning-fast reflexes to capture prey, mainly fish and shrimp.  A sting from a lionfish is extremely painful to humans and can cause nausea and breathing difficulties, but is rarely fatal.

But here's the thing, the lionfish is delicious to eat and that might be it's undoing, hopefully. At the very least the invasion will slow as lionfish finds it's way into ceviche and it's fabulous.

This is off Banco Chinchorro. The clarity of the water here in Costa Maya is amazing and seeing our guides free-dive down to the bottom so effortlessly and then swim around down there is something to behold.

music by Alexander Blu 13 - Independent, 07 - Teacher and 10 - Spider

Mexico Travel - off the beaten path - Banco Chinchorro YouTube

The most exciting part . . . snorkeling with sharks!!

If you're ready to leave the busy tourist destinations in the Caribbean for a truly unique experience, check out Costa Maya and Banco Chinchorro.

music is by Alexander Blu 05 - Jan song, 06 - Slow mind, 09 - Sea Song and 13 - After all (part 2)

Dominican Republic off the beaten path - YouTube

We were staying in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic when locals there kept telling us about the beauty of Samana. It was their secret ~ pristine and untouched by tourism. They were so right! It IS beautiful & definitely a favorite to us.

If you like to get away from it all in a tropical setting that won't break the bank, check out Samana Dominican Republic.

 music by Alexandr Filippov 07 - Game

Caribbean Beaches - YouTube

A vacation to the Caribbean is about beaches...Riviera Maya, Punta Cana and Samana DR

Music by Alexandr Filippov 02 - Istambul

sun, sand, surf and pools - Riviera Maya Resort - YouTube

sun, sand, surf and pools are the perfect place to relax or have some fun

Music by Carlos Miguel 04 - Mondial paix

Monday, March 26, 2012

Best Ceviche Recipe with Bull Shark - By Oscar - YouTube

The cooking show by Oscar is better than anything on TV, first it's on a beautiful beach, it's warm and birds are singing. There are drinks being served and when the food is done, we all get to eat it. Then have retire to sun lounge on the beach, now that's living. Oscar puts on a cooking demonstration and a drink mixing clinic weekly and it's all included at the Grand Sirenis Resort and Spa.


Ceviche (also spelled cebiche or seviche) is a seafood dish popular in the coastal regions of the Americas, especially Central and South America, and the Philippines. The dish is typically made from fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices such as lemon or lime and spiced with chilli peppers. Additional seasonings such as onion, salt, coriander/cilantro, and pepper may also be added.

Ceviche is usually accompanied by side dishes that complement its flavors such as sweet potato, lettuce, corn, or avocado. As the dish is not cooked with heat, it must be prepared fresh to minimize the risk of food poisoning.

I could eat this everyday it was so good...amazing how the acid in citrus 'cooks' the fish.

This is at the Grand Sirenis Resort and Spa in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. 

all that glitters - Grand Sirenis Mayan Beach - YouTube

I love the way light can twinkle on the water...

music by  Betania López. - 01  Cuando Quiero Voy


The budget is coming out the same day that the Electoral Chief will speaking to Parliamentarians about Elections Fraud, Robocalls, Election Suppression - Thursday, March 29, 2012. However, the media seem to be only promoting the Budget Release. The Elections fraud needs equal promotion and reporting.

MPs summon elections watchdog to talk robo-calls on budget day

It is my belief that the election fraud deserves equal if not more attention than the budget.

Contact the CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/contact/
Call CBC: 1-866-306-4636

[This is letter can be used in part or whole or modified.]

To Whom it May Concern.

I have seen your promos for reporting on the upcoming budget on Mary 29, 2012. I have not seen your promos for the upcoming Chief Electoral Officer coming to speak to the MP's on March 29, 2012 regarding the fraud and election robocalls and vote suppression.

The scandal around the 2011 Elections will be in history books. Illegal fraud has been committed with our 2011 Canadian Election. Canadian Democracy and the right to a fair vote has been attacked. This is wrong. This is being reported world-wide. Canadians send delegations to other countries to supervise and ensure that those countries conduct fair and Democratic elections, and yet our own election of 2011 has been corrupted. This needs attention.

This scandal is not going away and Canadian media needs to continue reporting on it - Radio, Local and National TV broadcasts. This is monumental that the Chief Electoral Officer is investigating 7000 contacts of fraud. This is monumental that the  Chief Electoral Office is coming to speak to the MP's.

I would hope that the Chief Electoral Officer to committee would receive MORE if not equal attention and reporting on your Radio and TV Broadcasts, as the budget will. The budget happens every year. It is not every year that Canadian Elections are dogged by fraud which has been committed by the party members currently in power. This is news!!

Please balance your reporting about the Elections Fraud and the Chief Electoral Officer with reporting on the budget on March 29, 2011. Please balance your promotion of these two upcoming newsworthy events. Thank you for you attention to this matter.

[Name, Address, Postal Code]

UPDATE:  March 27, 2012
Thank you to everyone who participated in this campaign. I believe your emails & calls had impact. I believe that the CBC graciously listened. Today, Evan Solomon's Power & Politics had a panel to discuss the upcoming court actions being taken by citizens. He also announced the on his show today, that they would be covering the Chief Electoral Office attending the committee and speaking with MP's on Thursday, March 29, 2012

Michael Jackson's Tribute Show - Barceló Maya Tropical

The legacy of Michael Jackson lives on at many of the resorts in the Caribbean. The best tribute to this legendary performer was at the Barceló Mayan Tropical Resort and Spa in the Riviera Maya Mexico.

Lev Garcia is the Riviera Maya's top Michael Jackson impersonator and has appeared at numerous resorts. This performance was at the Barceló Maya Tropical in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean Show Act 1,2,3 - Grand Palladium Riviera Mexico

The Grand Palladium White Sands Resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico had incredible shows!

Pirates of the Caribbean Show Act 1 - Grand Palladium Riviera Mexico - YouTube. Great show at the Riviera Theater. Resort shows just keep getting better and better.

Act 2

Act 3

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Riviera Maya Mexico Resorts - Grand Palladium - Youtube

It really is very beautiful at the Grand Palladium in the Riviera Maya. So many things to see & do . . .

Great resort for couples and families, I especially love the way nature was left intact in much of the resort

music by Carlos Miguel 06 - Primavera

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Second Rally to Protest Voter Suppression in 2011 Federal Election

March 23, 2012

In response to Democracy Canada’s call for a second day of action to protest voter suppression in last year’s federal election, concerned citizens in Kelowna will be meeting on Saturday, March 31, at 1:00 at The Sails. The previous day of action on March 11 saw people from 32 cities in Canada converge to call for a public inquiry into the robo-call affair.

Thirty-one thousand Canadians have reported irregularities in the last election, and 700 incidents are under investigation by Elections Canada. While some like to portray the misleading robo-calls as trivial and characteristic of the dirty tricks that all politicians take part in, harassing voters at odd hours of the day or night and deliberately misleading voters by telling them to go to incorrect or non-existent polling stations is not a case of politics as usual. Harassing voters and misleading them are voter suppression techniques and they are unjust and illegal.

Jean-Pierre Kingsley, a former chief electoral officer at Elections Canada, has called the scope of the illegal robo-calls unprecedented and says that jail time should definitely be considered if the allegations can be proven. The allegations must be dealt with swiftly and transparently because they erode our democracy and cast real doubt on the legitimacy of the Conservative’s claim to a majority government. Regardless of who might be behind the scandal, protecting democracy is a non-partisan issue.

According to a recent Postmedia News poll, 75 per cent of Canadians support a call for an independent inquiry with judicial powers to look into the robo-call affair. Prime Minister Harper has countered by saying that Elections Canada is invested by law to investigate and must continue in its role. But Elections Canada will not obtain all of its promised new investigative powers for at least another six months, when required legislation might be passed. Moreover, Canadians have seen with the in-and-out fraud of 2006 how seriously and for what length of time Elections Canada can become bogged down in acrimonious litigation, right up to the Supreme Court. For these reasons, Canadians need a public inquiry into the Robocall fraud, and we need it today.

In Kelowna, the second ‘Get Fraud Out of Parliament’ rally will cross over in time and place with a ‘Costs of War’ peace gathering organized by the Kelowna Peace Group. Organizers of each event see an obvious affinity between those who seek justice and those who seek peace. The peace gathering is, like the protest rally, the second event of its kind to fall within the month of March. On March 3, peace activists gathered at The Sails to call for peace in the Middle East.


For more information, please see:

DemocracyCanada’s national ‘Get Fraud Out of Parliament’ campaign

Kelowna’s ‘Get Fraud Out of Parliament, Take Two’ rally

Kelowna’s ‘Costs of War’ peace gathering

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grand Palladium Riviera a new day - YouTube

Very peaceful place in the morning looking out across the jungle area at the Grand Palladium Riviera.  Not crowded, no buildings blocking view, just the sun and clouds.

A couple of minutes from our villa was the shuttle boat stop which takes you to any of the 2 lobbies, White Sands or Riviera and the restaurants for breakfast.
Just another day.

music by Catherine Corelli 02 - I Am The Pink Lady

Coup d'état in Canada - THE PLAN

OK so we get 10,000 people from across the country to parliament hill, rush it while the evil doers are there and take control. Simultaneously groups take control of constituency offices. A coup d'état without a shot being fired.

In a make believe land, because we could never encourage something like that in Canada.

It has to be in a land where a corrupt emperor through fraudulent elections supported by evil money hungry corporations has taken power. This evil bunch is hell bent on mining all resources, raping the country of resources for all generations, selling to the highest bidder as the sun is blocked out by pollution and mutants emerge from conservative riding's, saliva dripping from their fangs as they look for people to devour in the insatiable apatite, feeding their old wrinkled bodies...oops, there I go again...


A Canadian company involved? 

There was a time when Canada's reputation was that of 'peace keeper' and 'advocate for human rights'. However, as Canadian mining companies, continue their expansion into other countries, we are seeing an erosion of this reputation. And it's an erosion to the extreme opposite.

As policies exist today, there seems to be little that can protect the indigenous peoples, their lands and rights when it comes to Canadian mining companies plans and actions. This must be stopped.

"In November 2010, a proposed Responsible Mining Act that would have regulated the foreign operations of Canadian mining companies was narrowly defeated by 140-134 in the House of Commons. The defeat of the bill allows the companies to carry on with business as usual: unethical behaviour in establishing and running their operations, environmental destruction, human rights abuses and possibly murder.

Below are two press releases about the most recent violence in Mexico, and a letter you can send out that calls upon the government to enact legislation that would hold Canadian mining companies accountable for their actions in countries throughout the world." - Dianne Varga

Press Releases:


What can you do? 

TAKE ACTION:  Send this letter (via Dianne Varga)

To: pm@pm.gc.ca; diane.ablonczy@parl.gc.ca
Cc: nycole.turmel@parl.gc.ca; Elizabeth.May@parl.gc.ca; bob.rae@parl.gc.ca

Subject: Foreign Operations of Canadian Mining Companies

Dear Prime Minister Harper and Minister Ablonczy:

On March 15th, Bernardo Vásquez Sánchez, an Indigenous Zapotec community leader and member of the Coordinating Committee of the United Peoples of the Valley of Ocotlán in San José del Progreso, Oaxaca, was murdered in an ambush by a group of gunmen. Bernardo was an outspoken leader against the mining operations of Vancouver-based Fortuna Silver Mines in San José del Progreso, Oaxaca, known locally by the name of its Mexican subsidiary, Minera Cuzcatlán.

Those opposed to the mine have experienced frequent attacks, threats and arbitrary arrests. Two months ago, Bernardo Mendez was killed in another spate of violence related to the mine. Jen Moore, Latin America Program Coordinator for MiningWatch Canada, has called for a full investigation into the violence in San José de Progreso. “This should include,” she said, “examination of how the company entered the area and how it may be benefiting from, aggravating, or corroding local governance structures to the detriment of Indigenous peoples there.”

I ask that you publicly condemn the violence and lend your voice to the calls for a full investigation into the murders of Bernardo Vásquez Sánchez and Bernardo Mendez, and into previous violence in San José de Progreso, including any possible connections with Fortuna Silver.

I also ask that you call for protection of environmental defenders in San José de Progreso.

In addition, I call upon you to enact legislation that would hold Canadian extractive companies accountable for human rights violations and environmental impacts of their mining practices around the world. Canada’s reputation in the world is becoming more and more sullied the longer that Canada supports corporate interests over the interests of people and the environment.


Postal Code]

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BEST Job in the World!! - YouTube

We have the Best Job in The World thanks to Google AdSense and YouTube, traveling and experiencing life.

Although it would be easy to become jaded and only focus on the beauty we find which many do, I will always strive to present alternative realities. One example of this is talking about the environment, global warming, reefs dying and habitat loss. We all have a responsibility and we feel most fortunate to be able to live our dream but that doesn't mean we lose sight of everything else.

Thank you for watching.

music by El Perez 01 - Rumba Alemana

The Greatest Show on Earth - CIRCUS at Grand Sirenis - YouTube

The Grand Sirenis Resort in Mexico has some really great shows. This is a troupe of locals. Fantastic!

 Get a bowl of popcorn and get ready for what is one of the best shows at any resort at any price. The Circus Show from the Grand Sirenis Resort and Spa is perhaps the best, most entertaining show we have seen.

 And remember that this is all included in the all inclusive price, as are drinks at the theater.

laid back beach in Mexico - YouTube

I love the beach, and Mexico has some amazing ones especially along the Yucatan and the Riviera Maya.

music is by Alexandr Filippov 05 - Epizode 1

Grand Palladium Riviera Maya Beach - YouTube

 The beach at the Grand Palladium Resort in the Riviera Maya and a quick HD look at the snorkeling, right off the beach. With all the birds diving, there are fish to see though not as good as it was in 2007.

 There was a large school of sardines hanging around the shallow warm water.

 Fairly soft sand is good for wading in but the fine sand stirs up easy so visibility is somewhat hampered.

 Music by pascal lecocq 01 - quand tu t endors-01 new

Monday, March 19, 2012

Grand Palladium Resort and Spa - Riviera Maya Mexico - YouTube

From the spa and gym, to the pools and beach, including the beach BBQ the Grand Palladium Riviera Maya is a beautiful resort.  We enjoyed it but found the White Sands section a little removed and the shuttle was unreliable.

music by Phoniandflore SKYLARKING

Election Corruption: The Conservative Story Keeps Changing.

The story keeps changing. 
by Red Forneri 

How many more excuses and versions of the story are Dean Del Mastro and his buddies planning to throw up there in an effort to seed confusion and misinformation about what happened?

Stop lying. Stop stonewalling. Turn all your records over to Elections Canada. Support the creation of a Royal Commission to get to the bottom of this before you completely exhaust every possible excuse you can go through.

And for Dean Del Mastros' sniveling about people jumping to conclusions?!? Give me a break!

This government would rather be bent on protecting the conservative party rather than protecting the core fiber of the very thing that is Canada.
  • Democracy
  • The Right to Vote in secret ballots in free and fair elections.
  • The Canada Elections Act
  • The Charter of Rights and Freedom.
  • The Constitution

  1. It was a rogue junior staffer, 1 week on the job, was blamed and fired, AMERICAN Michael Sona
  2. They then blamed Pierre Poutine.
  3. Calls, what calls? There were no calls... it is all being made up by the Liberals, they are just sore losers.
  4. Then came the US call centers that the liberals used. Turned out these were most entirely conservative.
  5. The NDP did it the opposition is making baseless attacks
  6. Then it was Vikileaks and tell Vic everything!
  7. It was a smear campaign.
  8. Conservative party had "absolutely" and "definitively" no role in any of the calls.
  9. It was just an isolated incident.
  10. There weren't enough calls to actually influence the election results.
  11. It is the fault of unnamed "third parties"
  12. It is all the press's fault for pushing a non-story.
  13. Liberal Party must open their records so we can prove it was them accidentally calling their own voters - but the Conservatives have no reason to open their records. 
  14. It is Elections Canada's fault for providing bad information to the parties. 
  15. After that it was voting using utility bills
  16. And then, revelations about late voting with false addresses.
  17. Yesterday this is acknowledged to be a MISTAKE!
  18. Today - recycled campaign volunteers in Guelph facing charges?

Guelph Ontario Campaign Office Reps.
  • Pierre Poutine?
  • Michael Sona 
  • Andrew Prescott 
  • Marty Burke 
  • Eve Adams 
  • John White 
  • Ken Morgan
  • Paulette Padanyi 

Saturday, March 17, 2012


BREAKING: Virus Spreading Across Canada. . .

I made a comment that I am ' SICK of Harper' and with all the comments, it would appear that there is a virus spreading across this land.

'Sick of Harper' has many symptoms like a splitting headache at hearing the dribble coming from the Harper Cons.

Other symptoms are bouts of anger and rage, Tourette's syndrome with uncontrollable outburst of swearing at Harper's Conservatives, Anxiety about losses of freedom and rights...

There are more, if you know of other symptoms help get the word out so we can recognize the 'Unethical Harper Virus'.

Taken from the C.R.U.S.H page on FB. These are symptoms experienced by some of the members. 

Grand Palladium Riviera - Mexico

Quick look at the Grand Palladium Riviera grounds, pools and beach.

music by Alexandr Filippov 11 - Morea

Ants - Formicidae - YouTube

Ants are social insects of the family Formicidae and, along with the related wasps and bees, belong to the order Hymenoptera. Ants evolved from wasp-like ancestors in the mid-Cretaceous period between 110 and 130 million years ago and diversified after the rise of flowering plants. More than 12,500 out of an estimated total of 22,000 species have been classified. Ant societies have division of labour, communication between individuals, and an ability to solve complex problems.

music by Zeropage - 02 - Ambient India

Grand Palladium Riviera Resort & Spa - Punta Emilia Sea Food Restaurant ...

Punta Emilia Sea Food Restaurant at Grand Palladium Riviera Resort & Spa is right on the beach! It's fantastic! The sound of the waves lapping on shore - the food was excellent. Then there were the little visitors - Raccoons. A mother with 2 kits were visiting us and were so gentle & friendly. They were so cute!

During our stay there was no limit on À la carte dining and some restaurants didn't even need reservations, though you could have a wait.

beautiful morning on the beach at Iberostar Playacar - YouTube

just one of the many beautiful morning to be found on a Caribbean beach, this is at the Iberostar Tucan Quetzal in Playacar Mexico.

music by BachataReal 01 - Falle

sun, sand and surf - Playacar Mexico Beach - YouTube

I could spend everyday of my life on this beach in Playacar

Mexico music by 01 - Alex Alexandroff - I believe

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hi folks. 
Here's a letter you can send out to Harper and all the MPs. 
(via Dianne Varga)

Dear Prime Minister and Members of Parliament:

It should be clear from the numerous rallies that happened in cities across Canada this past weekend, Canadians want answers about the Robocall scandal and the many other complaints surrounding 2011 electoral processes that were studiously ignored by Elections Canada when they were lodged. From coast to coast, Canadians called for an independent inquiry into these matters.

According to a Postmedia News poll conducted last week, 75 per cent of Canadians support an independent inquiry with judicial powers to look into the Robocall affair. Those Canadians cannot be said to be involved in “baseless smears” such as the opposition is accused of doing. Canadians are simply calling for a rigorous inquiry, an inquiry with teeth.

While the Prime Minister is correct when he says that Elections Canada are busy investigating right now and are invested by law to do so, Elections Canada will not obtain all of their investigative powers for at least another six months, when related legislation might (or might not) be passed. Moreover, Canadians have seen with the In and Out scandal of 2006 how seriously and for what length of time Elections Canada can become bogged down in acrimonious litigation, right up to the Supreme Court.

I hear the voices all across this country saying that whether or not the election was stolen, this affair must be investigated fairly, fully, and without delay. I call upon you to establish an independent inquiry with judicial powers, or indeed a royal commission, and to do so immediately.

(Full Name)
(Address with Postal Code)

Email addresses:   MP's and Senators

Afghanistan massacre - BLAME OBAMA - YouTube

Afghanistan massacre - BLAME OBAMA.... If Obama was a real man, Commander in Chief - he would stand up and accept responsibility.

Why does Obama hate Americans? He already has laws for ordering the death of Americans abroad, being able to imprison and hold without charges and now there's talk of execution of the Staff Sargent  in the Afghanistan massacre?

No excuse and no sane reason could explain the act of the soldier, killing 16 men, women and children in their homes, none.  But how many service men have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, how many service men commit suicide, it's an epidemic.  I think this soldier will have to be kept under constant suicide watch when he realizes what he did. And what about some compassion for his family?  He has a wife, kids and other family members.

Yes we feel the pain of the grieving Afghanistan people but two wrongs won't make a right.
As for these 'War Hawk's' like Obama will his girls ever face war face to face, stand to defend America or is their privileged place exclude them from that.

I am mad as hell.  I hate war, to many innocent  people die, to many people become killers or are killed.  Just say NO to War.

President Obama said Tuesday, as Pentagon investigators mull charges that could result in the death penalty if the soldier is found guilty of killing 16 Afghan civilians.
"The United States takes this as seriously as if it was our own citizens, and our children, who were murdered. We're heartbroken over the loss of innocent life,"

I ask you Obama, 'How many innocent lives have your drones taken?'

We Defend Democracy


From Geraldine Chafe, a Canadian like you and I

"We Defend Democracy. The Canadian Dream of Freedom and Democracy is in our hearts. It binds us together as a people respecting the First Nations ~~~

We see what is so wrong now, because we have seen how so right, things were before. I remember the signing of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and feel in love with Democracy in Canada.

The progressive Liberal years that followed was using it's Compass towards reflecting Canadian Values (sometimes much too slowly), our Peacekeeping, our Search and Rescue, we would slap on a Maple Leaf to a Backpack and go almost anywhere in the World Peacefully...the list of positive Canadian accomplishments was long and moving in a good direction.

Under the Harper Regime Canada has Tumbled Backward even though we are challenged with advancements in Technologies (as seen with the Misuse of the Robocalls for one).

I am a First Generation Canadian from a long line of Newfoundlanders. Many people have lost their Lives and dedicated their Lifetimes, to continue the 'work' of Democracy. This is OUR work right now. It is an honour to see so many intelligent dedicated individuals standing on guard for Canada during our time of need. We shall set things right. We are already in the process of doing so. We will keep watch over Democracy."

And this Tuesday, April 17, 2012 is the 30th Anniversary of the 'Canadian Charter of Rights'

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Pink Slime" Found in 70 Percent of the Ground Beef - YouTube

You are what we eat, so if you eat a lot of hamburger, 'ground beef' than you are made up of - "Fat, sinew, bloody effluvia, and bits of meat." Oh, and ammonia.

This slop was sold primarily as PET food ten years ago, but not now. Some low life found a way to make the rejected fat, sinew, bloody effluvia, and occasional bits of meat cut from carcasses in the slaughterhouse into 'people food'. So we are supplementing our diet with GARBAGE.

Beef Products Inc. of South Dakota transforms trimmings into something they call 'boneless lean beef.' In huge factories, the company liquefies the trimmings and uses a spinning centrifuge to separate the sinews and fats from the meat, leaving a mash that has been described as 'pink slime', which is then frozen into small squares and sold as a low-cost additive to hamburger."

"BPI produces more than 7 million pounds of the mash per week, making it the world's largest manufacturer of this frozen product. BPI explains that its product is mixed into most of the ground beef sold in the U.S. - at major fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, and school lunch programs."


Think Election Fraud only happens in far away places with little dictators in power? Guess again! As evidence points to something deceitful taking place in the 2011 Federal Elections in Canada.

Calls were placed to people directing them to wrong voting stations. People misrepresented themselves as Election Canada officials, votes were taken by people with no voter registration cards or addresses, a total violation of the election act, and the 'elected' party says the opposition is on a smear campaign.

31,000 Canadian have contacted Elections Canada about wrong-doings and to date, the only party under investigation is the Conservative party.

Protesters gathered in 27 cities across Canada Sunday to demand a full public inquiry into the federal election "robocall" scandal.

Friday, March 9, 2012

beauty of spring - YouTube

It's still dull, grey and brown where we live but soon spring will be here . . . I look forward to the sunshine & the new green, the flowers and the little critters that share the earth with us. :)

music by Kendra Springer 09 - Where Sky Meets Sea

Hummingbirds - YouTube HD

 Hummingbirds are birds that comprise the family Trochilidae. They are among the smallest of birds, most species measuring in the 7.5--13 cm (3--5 in) range. Indeed, the smallest extant bird species is a hummingbird, the 5-cm Bee Hummingbird.

 They can hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings 12--80 times per second (depending on the species). They are also the only group of birds able to fly backwards.

 These are Christina Lake, BC Hummingbirds. These little birds are going to be facing eminent danger. British Columbia mountains are rapidly being stripped of forests for raw log exports to the USA & China. In addition to this, there is colossal devastation of our forests from the Pine Tree Beetles kill. Millions and millions of acres of pines trees, entire mountains - dead trees. These forests are the feeding grounds of these amazing little travelers. I so fear for their future.

 music by Kendra Springer 05 - Angela

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Radical Extremist Lawn Mower - Attack on the Tar Sands?

Several months ago, the harper gov't of Canada condemned environmentalist as 'Radicals'. Over the weeks, this status has escalated to 'extremists', 'enemies of the state' and 'activists'. The harper gov't has gone as far as to make threats to the 'Forest Ethics' Organization for their support of environmental ideology.

So, it is with great trepidation that I share this photo (origin unknown) of this invention. I am certain that it would be seen, by the harper gov't, as an eminent threat to the Tar Sands and the Fossil Fuel industry. 

Joe Vass
Freelance Videographer/Citizen Journalist
( No.1 Most Viewed Video in Canada)
(19th Most Viewed All Time in Canada)

Monday, March 5, 2012

VOTER SUPPRESSION SCHOOL: Manning Center for Democracy

Here's an interesting letter to the editor, which may or may not be or has or has not been published.

From: John Fryer

To: sunletters@vancouversun.com
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2012 2:14 PM
Subject: Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

In January 2010 my UVic inbox had an e-mail invite from the Manning Centre for Democracy to a Campaign School. Intrigued,I signed up for the 3 day event. Topics covered included voter identification. Discussion ensued about suppression techniques. Instructors explained voter suppression tactics were borrowed from those used by the U.S. Republican Party. Many kinds of suppression calls were canvassed. Another instructor gave detailed explanations of how robo calls worked, techniques for recording messages plus costs involved. He distributed his business card upon request.

Instructors made clear that robo calling and voter suppression were perfectly acceptable and a normal part of winning political campaigns. The denials now expressed by the Prime Minister and his Parliamentary associates thus ring hollow if not something worse.

Having attended this Campaign School it's obvious that for Conservatives voter suppression strategies are standard in their playbook on how to conduct elections. Having thus lowered their standard of election ethics to that of their Republican cousins it is hardly surprising that the result is a so-called majority government that was voted for by 39% of the 61% who managed to get to their proper polling station. A majority government supported by a mere 26 percent of Canadians.

A more compelling case for changing to a system of proportional representation where each and every vote counts is hard to imagine.

Sincerely yours,
John Fryer C.M.
Adjunct Professor,
School of Public Administration,
University of Victoria.

Elections fraud is a violation of the Elections Act. The harper government is not taking the proper action to stop this attack on Canadian Democracy. An attack in effect, on our National Security. It is imperative that Canadians keep constant pressure on the government so they will take action to defend our right to fair vote. 

We need an Independent Judicial Inquiry into illegal activity. The link below contains a letter that can be sent to all MP's. All email address's are also included. Please take action:

Canadians Want Inquiry Into Robocall Scandal

Joe Vass
Freelance Videographer/Citizen Journalist
( No.1 Most Viewed Video in Canada)
(19th Most Viewed All Time in Canada)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mesoamerican Barrier Reef - YouTube HD

The video is filmed on the Yucatan coast of Mexico , from Playa Del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Akumal, Costa Maya and Mahahual.

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System (MBRS, also simply known as the Mesoamerican reef and often abbreviated MAR) stretches over 1000 km from Isla Contoy at the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula down to the Bay Islands of Honduras.

The reef system includes various protected areas and parks including the Belize Barrier Reef, Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve, and the Cayos Cochinos Marine Park. This reef structure is the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere and the second largest barrier reef in the world.

Music is from 02 - Dieter Werner - Monument

Friday, March 2, 2012

Anonymous Operation Black March Begins

TheAnonPress Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheAnonPress88

Anonymous: Operation Black March Begins!
Join the Protest!

Hello People of the World, We are Anonymous.
Operation Black March has Begun! Join the protest!

If you do not know of Operation Black March, I will explain.

With the continuing campaigns for Internet-censoring litigation such as SOPA and PIPA, and the closure of sites such as Megaupload under allegations of 'piracy' and 'conspiracy' the time has come to take a stand against music, film and media companies' lobbyists.

The only way is ot hit them where it truly hurts.
Their profit margins.

March 2012 is the end of the 1st quarter in economic reports worldwide.

Do not buy a single record. Do not download a single song, legally or illegally. Do not go to see a single film in cinemas, or download a copy. Do not buy a DVD in the stores. Do not buy a videogame. Do not buy a single book or magazine.

Wait the 4 weeks to buy them in April: see the film later, etc. Holding out for just 4 weeks, maximum, this will leave a gaping hole in media and entertainment companies' profits for the 1st and shares will blip from the large enough loss of incomes.
This action can give a statement of intent:

"We will not tolerate the Media Industries' lobbying for legislation which will censor the internet."

Remember as always,
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
United as One.
Divided by Zero.
The voice of Anons.
To the world as always.
Expect Us.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Greek people need our support - YouTube

I'm so sick of the Greek people being put down for the economic mess in the Eurozone.

The countries of the Eurozone were not created equal, and anyone should have seen that there were going to be hurdles to overcome and even that inequality in economy, is just a fact of life.The Greeks are getting hammered now for being 'lazy' and other derogatory remarks are thrown out without a hint of what the Greeks have contributed to our world and society.

Ancient Greek society placed considerable emphasis upon literature. Many authors consider the western literary tradition to have begun with the epic poems The Iliad and The Odyssey, which remain giants in the literary canon for their skillful and vivid depictions of war and peace, honor and disgrace, love and hatred. Notable among later Greek poets was Sappho, who defined, in many ways, lyric poetry as a genre.

A playwright named Aeschylus changed Western literature forever when he introduced the ideas of dialogue and interacting characters to playwriting. In doing so, he essentially invented "drama": his Oresteia trilogy of plays is seen as his crowning achievement. Other refiners of playwriting were Sophocles and Euripides. Sophocles is credited with skillfully developing irony as a literary technique, most famously in his play Oedipus the King. Euripedes, conversely, used plays to challenge societal norms and mores—a hallmark of much of Western literature for the next 2,300 years and beyond—and his works such as Medea, The Bacchae and The Trojan Women are still notable for their ability to challenge our perceptions of propriety, gender, and war. Aristophanes, a comic playwright, defines and shapes the idea of comedy almost as Aeschylus had shaped tragedy as an art form—Aristophanes' most famous plays include the Lysistrata and The Frogs.

Music was present almost universally in Greek society, from marriages and funerals to religious ceremonies, theatre, folk music and the ballad-like reciting of epic poetry. There are significant fragments of actual Greek musical notation as well as many literary references to ancient Greek music. Greek art depicts musical instruments and dance. The word music derives from the name of the Muses, the daughters of Zeus who were patron goddesses of the arts.

Ancient Greek mathematics contributed many important developments to the field of mathematics, including the basic rules of geometry, the idea of formal mathematical proof, and discoveries in number theory, mathematical analysis, applied mathematics, and approached close to establishing integral calculus. The discoveries of several Greek mathematicians, including Pythagoras, Euclid, and Archimedes, are still used in mathematical teaching today.