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Monday, March 19, 2012

Election Corruption: The Conservative Story Keeps Changing.

The story keeps changing. 
by Red Forneri 

How many more excuses and versions of the story are Dean Del Mastro and his buddies planning to throw up there in an effort to seed confusion and misinformation about what happened?

Stop lying. Stop stonewalling. Turn all your records over to Elections Canada. Support the creation of a Royal Commission to get to the bottom of this before you completely exhaust every possible excuse you can go through.

And for Dean Del Mastros' sniveling about people jumping to conclusions?!? Give me a break!

This government would rather be bent on protecting the conservative party rather than protecting the core fiber of the very thing that is Canada.
  • Democracy
  • The Right to Vote in secret ballots in free and fair elections.
  • The Canada Elections Act
  • The Charter of Rights and Freedom.
  • The Constitution

  1. It was a rogue junior staffer, 1 week on the job, was blamed and fired, AMERICAN Michael Sona
  2. They then blamed Pierre Poutine.
  3. Calls, what calls? There were no calls... it is all being made up by the Liberals, they are just sore losers.
  4. Then came the US call centers that the liberals used. Turned out these were most entirely conservative.
  5. The NDP did it the opposition is making baseless attacks
  6. Then it was Vikileaks and tell Vic everything!
  7. It was a smear campaign.
  8. Conservative party had "absolutely" and "definitively" no role in any of the calls.
  9. It was just an isolated incident.
  10. There weren't enough calls to actually influence the election results.
  11. It is the fault of unnamed "third parties"
  12. It is all the press's fault for pushing a non-story.
  13. Liberal Party must open their records so we can prove it was them accidentally calling their own voters - but the Conservatives have no reason to open their records. 
  14. It is Elections Canada's fault for providing bad information to the parties. 
  15. After that it was voting using utility bills
  16. And then, revelations about late voting with false addresses.
  17. Yesterday this is acknowledged to be a MISTAKE!
  18. Today - recycled campaign volunteers in Guelph facing charges?

Guelph Ontario Campaign Office Reps.
  • Pierre Poutine?
  • Michael Sona 
  • Andrew Prescott 
  • Marty Burke 
  • Eve Adams 
  • John White 
  • Ken Morgan
  • Paulette Padanyi 

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Anonymous said...

Clarity, truth and rule of law is simple and comforting to read. Spin is going to get a bad name...if people can't be straightforward by being confident in the facts...it's got to be rejected. Especially when it comes to matters of State. We have not only clowns governing this country but corporate spin lobbyists that know nothing of integrity and unbiased governance as a source of for feeling success. These people from the extreme free enterprise enthusiasts belong in the lobbyist category...not public service that is geared to what is best for country and people. Treason...fraud to the people, fraud to the people under their port folios...everything you'd expect from a lobbyist sitting at the helm of government. Get them out ! Thank you for such an excellent article..will be sure to share and fight the spin of media that serve these lobbyists (refuse to refer to them as anythingelse). Harper has one duty...and that's to the free enterprise enthusiasts of the big international market players that want only one thing...the dismantling of government.