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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Afghanistan massacre - BLAME OBAMA - YouTube

Afghanistan massacre - BLAME OBAMA.... If Obama was a real man, Commander in Chief - he would stand up and accept responsibility.

Why does Obama hate Americans? He already has laws for ordering the death of Americans abroad, being able to imprison and hold without charges and now there's talk of execution of the Staff Sargent  in the Afghanistan massacre?

No excuse and no sane reason could explain the act of the soldier, killing 16 men, women and children in their homes, none.  But how many service men have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, how many service men commit suicide, it's an epidemic.  I think this soldier will have to be kept under constant suicide watch when he realizes what he did. And what about some compassion for his family?  He has a wife, kids and other family members.

Yes we feel the pain of the grieving Afghanistan people but two wrongs won't make a right.
As for these 'War Hawk's' like Obama will his girls ever face war face to face, stand to defend America or is their privileged place exclude them from that.

I am mad as hell.  I hate war, to many innocent  people die, to many people become killers or are killed.  Just say NO to War.

President Obama said Tuesday, as Pentagon investigators mull charges that could result in the death penalty if the soldier is found guilty of killing 16 Afghan civilians.
"The United States takes this as seriously as if it was our own citizens, and our children, who were murdered. We're heartbroken over the loss of innocent life,"

I ask you Obama, 'How many innocent lives have your drones taken?'

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