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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why Harper had to win a majority in Canada, rules or no rules.

There's a global chess game unfolding right now and it's going to pit the Western Alliance of North American countries, Eurozone and Australia against the Eastern and emerging alliance made up of the BRIC countries.

Back in June 2008 China called for a world currency; China snubs U.S. dollar! Calls for new world currency maybe even the Euro to replace the dollar.

"In November, concerns about some EU member states' debts start to grow following the Dubai sovereign debt crisis. In December, Greece admits that its debts have reached 300bn euros - the highest in modern history." (exerpt from Timeline: The unfolding eurozone crisis )

The Euro will not replace the dollar and Erozone countries start on a downward spiral economically. Governments are voted and/or undemocratically  replaced by - Conservative governments.

France, UK, and other like minded leaders take control. In 2011 Canadian elections tactics were employed to make sure there is no alternative than a majority Conservative Harper government.

Obama will lose the 2012 US elections.

BRIC expands . . . 

Meanwhile Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) strengthen by admitting South Africa and are now working to have their own World Bank/IMF model.

Leaders from the world's five largest developing economies — the so-called BRICS — are moving toward the formation of a shared development bank.

The world is reshaping in geopolitical ways. China and India continue to buy Iranian oil Obama embargo or not. China is opening up new trading routes and markets with resource rich Russia and trade between the BRIC countries reaches record levels.In a move to insulate themselves from the Euro-Zone debt crisis and to boost trade amid slow growth in the West, the Heads of State signed several agreements aimed at facilitating trade.

The group also slammed the West for their lax in monetary policy and for causing instability in global financial markets, statements that drew flak from several influential commentators. The participants of the summit also proposed setting up a Brics-specific bank modeled along the lines of the World Bank and of the International Monetary Fund.

What about our children? . . .

Our kids will grow up in a world very different than the one we knew. Do you think a new arms race will be far off? The Western alliance conservatives do not want to play with anyone else but like minded people so isolation and confrontation is preferred over co-operation. We the people are mere pawns and pawns are expandable.

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