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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

CBC TV talking hair-do's drive me crazy!

It's the May Day Event World Wide. Millions are out in support of it and also to oppose austerity being forced upon all of us by the 1%.

CBC TV is at Parliament Hill to interview protesters there. Anchor Carole MacNiel on CBC was asking a protester "'why protest' since all reports say Canada came out of the economic downturn of 2008 very well and our economy is doing well?" I had to write to her at CBC ---

Hey Carole,

Just heard you say that Canada, according to all reports is doing better than most, in reference to the economy. You live in a nice bubble. 

What are the statistics for food bank use in Canada; is it declining? I guess that 1 million (+ or -) just haven't been told how good things are. Billions spent on decrepit antique subs, new war ships, F35's, G8 & G20 summits and, yes, bank bailouts. It's all good in Canada.

Last week in Walmart I saw an senior woman (easily in her 70's and maybe 80's) pushing a broom around the store; tag said she was Walmart maintenance team. When she left I asked the cashier if she was working because she had to or just to keep busy. Answer: she is a senior and she is single. Single seniors live a life of poverty, and she was working because she HAD to. The cashier also said that this lady was not alone, many single elderly are working because they have to.

I hear of all the Walmart expansions and now Target coming into Canada with jobs. These jobs will not be going to the youth who are getting educated and seek greener and more rewarding pastures than the service industry provides. These jobs will be for the elderly and less advantaged. By the way, in Kelowna, BC the minimum wage is now a whopping $10.25. Try living on that with the high cost of living.

Since the encounter at Walmart I've talked with other people about the issue with seniors being single and a whole new world opened up. Kelowna has many seniors whom I thought they were all doing well. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

There's a side to Kelowna that most people are not aware of; a poverty hiding below the glitz's of wineries, golf courses and gated retirement living. Now, thanks to Facebook and posting about this issue I've learned that it is present coast to coast. Single seniors are leaving Alberta. As the cost of living climbs these seniors are looking for more affordable places to locate, and BC is not an option.

Yes if you travel in the circle of the 1% you would think all is well, but if you open your eyes a whole different picture emerges.


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