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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Want Our Canada Back . . .

"you won't recognize Canada when I get through with it" ~ SH 2006

After 1 year as a majority, the harper gov't has turned Canada into a "Banana Republic". He warned us "you won't recognize Canada when I get through with it". I don't, and we have 3 more years to go.

I wonder what horrible experience harper had growing up in Canada? What was it that happened to him as a young man growing up in Canada, that he felt he has had to change so radically?

  • Was it the availability of jobs that now under the harper gov't, we don't have anymore?
  • Was it the guarantee that his parents, grandparents would have OAS for security in their aging years - now cut under the harper gov't?
  • Was it the freedom of speech that he certainly took advantage of with his past affiliations and now scientists are gagged and environmentalists are threatened by the harper gov't?
  • Was it the ethics and statesmanship of Canadian Politics that he couldn't stand and now we hear $10Billion lies about F35 jets and cooking the accounting books under the harper gov't.
  • Was it the patriotism that Canadians felt for our Canada which is now threatened by infusion of American policies & practices & funding with the harper gov't?
  • Was it the name of our government which was the Gov't of Canada, but is now the harper gov't as he madated the name change.
  • Was it the transparency of gov't where Canadians could follow Parliament and now under the harper gov't most is done behind closed doors and in secrecy? 
  • Was it our peace-keeping foreign policy and now with the harper gov't we illegally invaded a foreign nation. 
  • Was it our strong National Security which has been attacked through Election Fraud during this past election and the harper gov't refuses to call for an Independent Inquiry to find the criminals?
  • Was it the model Democracy that other nations admired and which today is being eroded as the harper gov't overrides democratic votes and decisions (ie. CWB) 

harper grew up in Canada, enjoying all the attributes and opportunities of this great country. And yet in 1 short year, he has made changes that have destroyed that wonderul life that Canada could and did offer. harper got to where he is today, because of how Canada was. How very sad for thousands of Canadians who won't experience the amazing life Canada had prior to the harper gov't.

The birth of a banana republic

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