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Friday, May 11, 2012


Environmentalists are under attack by the harper government - again. In fact, it's an ongoing harper government war on Canadian Citizens concerned about Canada's environment---our incredible nature and wildlife.

How sad it is that the harper government who campaigned on 'values' seems to have lost sight of what 'values' means:
  •  "Culturally defined standards held by human individuals or groups about what is desirable, proper, beautiful, good or bad that serve as broad guidelines for social life." (Sociological Definitions)
Looking up the Conservative Values, the harper government in it's own words states:  "We will promote the recognition that freedom only thrives in the context of responsibility . . ." (Conservative Values Canada)

This is exactly what Canadians are doing in defending our environment --- 

The great harper government mistake---

There appears, to be a colossal harper government disconnect and/or yet another election deception. Rather than promote, the harper government has declared WAR on Canadians and Canadians' rights to the Conservative Values of "freedom" and "responsibility". Below are examples of the harper government responses to Canadians who practiced the Conservative Values. 

  • "Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver has accused "environmental and other radical groups" of trying to use money from "foreign special-interest groups" to hijack hearings on a pipeline that would bring Alberta oilsands bitumen to a port on the British Columbia coast."

  • "Environment Minister Peter Kent even raised the specter of criminal activity in a recent interview broadcast on CBC Radio's The House. Asked by host Evan Solomon if the government is trying to silence environmental groups by taking away their charitable status, Kent raised concerns about money laundering."

  • "Some groups with charitable status have been going well beyond the CRA guidelines for what is acceptable practice as a charitable agency," Kent said. "And there has also been concern that some Canadian charitable agencies have been used to launder offshore foreign funds." The minister was not available to speak to The Canadian Press."

  • "Let me ask you this, honourable senators: If environmentalists are willing to accept money from Martians, where would they draw the line on where they receive money from? Would they take money from Al Qaeda, the Hamas or the Taliban?,” said Senator Plett."

  • “Are you smoking pot and taking money from Martians?” said Senator Plett.

Has the harper government reached a pinnacle in absurdity and in their own words, 'baseless smear' (BS)? This behaviour is very reminiscent of US politics. I guess what the harper government routinely forgets is that THIS IS CANADA (Red, not blue and maybe he shouldn't have renamed our government?) 

Canadians respect leaders that are responsible and accountable. The harper government antics seem nothing more than childish and/or bullying, making them appear foolish and laughable both nationally and internationally. Considering their behaviors, wouldn't you question the harper government values? 

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Anonymous said...

I question CONServative values on a daily basis. It's imperative to encourage their "soft" support to do likewise. Canada is in peril.