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Friday, April 20, 2012

Stephen Harper has sold out Canada and Canadians

. . . and continues to do so.

Free trade and globalization works to the benefit of China and China has a take no prisoner attitude in trade. 

When I was young one of the signs that Christmas was approaching was the arrival of Japanese mandarin oranges. Our family would buy boxes and boxes. Today we still buy mandarins at Christmas, but the mandarin oranges are now from China. China came, they saw and they conquered. 

China marches forward
One industry after another has collapsed as the Chinese economy marches forward. The willing capitalists - who embrace the short term opportunity of making cash - will find themselves the victims of long lasting enslavement.

When markets are surrendered to China they are at the mercy of China. Things in politics are not complex if there's an ounce of intelligence in politicians, along with the determination to do the right thing, rather than the short term goal of fattening their corporate overlords. Remember how many business leaders Harper took to China?

Could relations with China be a threat to National Security?
The US is now in the process of selling out it's food source for short term gains to China. We should have already learned about this kind of one dimensional trade from the sale of apples to China. 

First China bought our apples, then they grew the trees on a scale we cannot match and now juice and other apple products are imported from China.

Harper wants Canada in the Pacific Rim Trading Agreement. Without doubt, our agriculture is going to be impacted, and in the long term Canada will take a hit on being food independent.

China's pursuit - 
Innovation and efficiency: 
China will import a technology or create a joint-venture; learn the best practices, apply those practices at a lower cost than overseas rivals and emerge as an aggressive competitor in the global market.

China's solution:
To super-size its supply by snapping up millions of live animals raised by U.S. farmers as breeding stock - capitalizing on decades of cutting edge agricultural research in America.

"By taking this step, say breeders and exporters, China will move from small-scale backyard farms, to the Westernized tradition of large consolidated operations to keep up with demand." 

Opinion by Joe C Vass

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