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I am JCVdude aka Joe Vass. As a Freelance Videographer, Producer & Photographer my passion & focus is travel and travel related videos; to show the incredible beauty of destinations in the hopes of intercepting and inspiring others to travel. I have chosen YouTube, as my delivery system as it is the World's 2nd Largest Search Engine, it accomodates HD & 3D video and in using it, we are viewed in over 200 Countries World Wide.

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Our philosophy is 'YOLO' ~ You Only Live Once. Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us so live life to it's fullest and with passion. My goal has always been to travel and document through video, the world and it's wonders and beauty. I film and produce video to allow my viewers the feeling that they are 'there' - in the destination themselves and also to whet their appetite to go ~ to travel and see & experience for themselves. 

We love travel! We are passionate about travel and passionate about documenting our travel. Never without our cameras, our day starts before the sun rises and ends late into the night. This is our passion!! 'YOLO'!!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is the Harper Gov't sabotaging the Parliamentary Process?

My Letter to the Editor:

Is the Harper Government sabotaging the Parliamentary Process? 

This issue of the F-35 Jets and the Harper government’s refusal to produce figures, forced the unnecessary election of 2011. Last week, the Auditor General of Canada released a scathing report, revealing that the Harper government apparently has 2 sets of books for the purchase of these F-35 Jets. One set of books quotes the jet procurement at $9 Billion. This is the figure given to Canadians, the figure the Harper government campaigned on.

The F-35 Jets are in fact $25 Billion. The Auditor Generals’ report showed the full costs of a proposed $25-billion fighter jet purchase was HIDDEN from the public. This figure of $25 Billion was apparently in the Harper government’s second set of books that the Harper government DIDN'T tell Canadians about.

The Opposition parties (NDP, Liberals & Green) have demanded a committee hearing to get to the bottom of this fraud, to find those responsible and to prevent Canadian tax dollars from being wasted. The hearing begins Thursday.

This week, the Harper government and the Opposition have been meeting to discuss evidence and witnesses for that hearing. We are always hear from the Harper government that they are 'transparent'. Yet, they will NOT permit these hearings to be public. Further to that, the Harper government is refusing to cooperate by voting down any and all witnesses and evidence the Opposition Parties have put forward. The Harper government says they have nothing to hide. Then why are they trying to sabotage the Parliamentary process?

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