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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


"In 1973 The David Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission’s symposium on democracy resulted in a document entitled 'The Crisis of Democracy: Report on the Governability of Democracies'. It warned “an excess of democracy” was creating a governability problem in the western world."

Problem for who??

Enter NAFTA. 
"The main point of NAFTA was to maintain the 'economic miracle' and make sure nothing happened to it."

What's an Economic Miracle? 
"'Economic Miracle' means that for the overwhelming majority of the population, things are collapsing but the number of billionaires is going up about as fast as the increase of poverty."

According to the USA . . .
"You have to maintain that. In 1991 the USA did a study and found there "was one cloud on the horizon that they had to worry about, and that's what NAFTA was for.

The 'cloud on the horizon' was the fear that there might be a democracy opening in Mexico. If there is a democracy opening, that could be dangerous because then people might try to get government to follow policies that WOULDN'T be increasing the 'economic miracle' but might be just improving the welfare of the population. They had to make sure there wasn't any democracy opening. And that's the point of NAFTA."

What is the point of NAFTA?
"The point is to lock them into so-called reforms so even if this terrible thing happens and there IS a democracy opening, there isn't a lot they can do about it."
(All quotes from "For a Free Humanity" by Noam Chomsky)

Why should Canadians care? 
Since harper has had his majority, he has been in a frenzy to sign trade agreements. All trade agreements will function to a greater or lesser degree to how NAFTA functioned in Mexico and how it still is damaging Canada.

NAFTA and other so-called 'trade' agreements are NOT 'trade' agreements but in fact, are corporate treaties or laws written to limit and even prevent democracy while enhancing corporate power and wealth. Today, Canada is facing it's most dangerous and damaging corporate treaty yet; FIPA with China.

What can you do?

1. Call your MP and the PM!
2. Write a Letter to the Editor of a major newspaper.
3. Sign the petitions below.
4. Tell your family and friends why FIPA is the Frightening Investment Protection Agreement. (Further reading below)

Sign Petitions:

LeadNow: Stop the Canada-China FIPA and Nexen takeover
Council of Canadians: Harper must tear up the Canada-China investment treaty
The Green Party: Stand up against the sellout to China

Deep Rogue Ram: The Canada-China Trade Deal
Canadian Gree Party: Elizabeth May: Canada-China Investment Treaty

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Kathryn Roston said...

Great post Joe!!! Thanks for the links as well. Another reference on the subject is Mel Hurtig's book "The Vanishing Country Is it Too Late to Save Canada"

Keep up the good work! :-)