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Monday, March 18, 2013

MUST READ: 'Syrian Sacrilege'

This is an eye opener . . .

What our media is showing/writing about a dangerously grave situation in Syria is all seems to be a copy paste type reporting from the western media. To date we don't have a single correspondent from India who ever had gone to such risky places for real time or online reporting, thanks to our policies which protect our nationals outside the country.

A freelance journalist Shri Uday K Chakraborty has reported on the basis of email replies from few ordinary Syrian co-workers of his past journeys to Syria; 

THIS IS HOW IT APPEARED IN PRESS (excerpts from 'Syrian Sacrilege')

Sunnis and Alawites in Syria have no communal hatred between them. The Government forces from Assad so far never have assaulted civilians, as is evident on interviewing the civilian victims. 

There are instances where terrorists have used civilians as their shield to fight government forces and thus the civilian casualties. These terrorist as western media calls them FSA (Free Syrian Army) are all foreign mercenaries as described by the victims as they don't talk in the familiar tongue.

Actually it is a time tested strategy of the war loving US, UK and the allies. You take rebels from a particular country add some corrupt politicians, anti-national elements to it take help of lawbreakers of the soil, group them. Give them chance to get their target i.e. allow the corrupt politician to achieve their wasted interests. Help anti law/social elements to get their hold on unlawful activities & in turn the war loving countries get their access to the vast natural resources . . . oil in this example.

They applied it successfully in Vietnam & Iraq. Now Syria has become victim for the same reason. Additionally this is a punishment to Syria as they supported Palestine against Israel.

There are footages of Syrian military personnel parading before western media. These actually are the detained soldiers of Syrian army who have no choice but to march quietly to support western theory.


  • BBC showed the clippings of Syrian hospitals where victims every time stated that they were attacked by unknown mob & not the Syrian army 
  • Despite the attacks by these mercenaries Govt. forces have largely been able to repulse insurgents from major cities 
  • Quite a few unarmed Syrian press persons have been killed by insurgents
  • Horrific brutality & savagery of the insurgent forces are increasingly coming out in open where innocent postal people & ordinary citizens killed ….. in an attempt to eliminate the independent national thinking which may be inherited to the coming generations 
  • Insurgents are getting material & weapons from Western countries & monarchies of Middle East like Saudi Arabs & Qatar 
  • Typical issues like impose no fly zone, bogey of stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction MSD - chemical version this time." 
(via Somesh Sitoke)

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