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I am JCVdude aka Joe Vass. As a Freelance Videographer, Producer & Photographer my passion & focus is travel and travel related videos; to show the incredible beauty of destinations in the hopes of intercepting and inspiring others to travel. I have chosen YouTube, as my delivery system as it is the World's 2nd Largest Search Engine, it accomodates HD & 3D video and in using it, we are viewed in over 200 Countries World Wide.

With my partner, Cindy Aspden, our JCVdude YouTube Channel is the 17th Most Viewed Channel All Time in Canada. With an average of 100,000 views per day to our broadcast channel, we continue to be featured by Mainstream Media: Google Canada in the London Free Press reported, "Another wildly successful Canadian YouTube star is JCVdude."

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Our philosophy is 'YOLO' ~ You Only Live Once. Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us so live life to it's fullest and with passion. My goal has always been to travel and document through video, the world and it's wonders and beauty. I film and produce video to allow my viewers the feeling that they are 'there' - in the destination themselves and also to whet their appetite to go ~ to travel and see & experience for themselves. 

We love travel! We are passionate about travel and passionate about documenting our travel. Never without our cameras, our day starts before the sun rises and ends late into the night. This is our passion!! 'YOLO'!!

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Myra Canyon & the Kettle Valley Railway ~ Cycling Trail

The Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) is an easy cycling trail with no more that a 2-3 degree grade at any time. The views are amazing; wildlife, historical artifacts & vistas of the Okanagan Valley. The Myra Section leads you through tunnels in the mountain and over 18 trestles spanning incredibly deep, steep & wide canyons.
The KVR section of the trail actually starts at Midway in the West Kootenays and goes as far as Hope; 450 km through tunnels, mountains, forests, grasslands, and orchards. (Map). The KVR ride has been listed by the Bicycling Magazine as one of the top 50 rides of the world.
NB. Bike rentals are NOT available at trail entrances


Recent History:
In September of 2003 the disaster of the Okanagan Park forest fires destroyed 12 of these historic trestles (which date back to 1914) as well as thousands of hectares of the surrounding forest. The blackened trees are still there but the trestles have been rebuilt and plant life and wildlife have returned!
Thanks to Matt Milne for his music 'An Epic Theme'’. Find Matt Milne on Twitter @filmscorematt or http://www.soundclick.com/mattmilne

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