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Our philosophy is 'YOLO' ~ You Only Live Once. Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us so live life to it's fullest and with passion. My goal has always been to travel and document through video, the world and it's wonders and beauty. I film and produce video to allow my viewers the feeling that they are 'there' - in the destination themselves and also to whet their appetite to go ~ to travel and see & experience for themselves. 

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Earth is definitely NOT A LONELY PLANET, I shot  this video in late April 2010 and all the sounds were recorded at the time of shooting. There is the sound of birds, many of them migratory which have recently arrived for nesting, the sound of kids and parents along with the constant noise of city life. Definitely not lonely.  

But we are on the way to making our planet not only lonely but very quiet with the constant and accelerated destruction of habitat and species. The oil spill in the gulf is just the latest but by no means the only act of destruction that we are thrusting on the planet. In Central America there are Canadian companies mining for gold, but before they could access the gold the local residents had to be forcibly evicted. Some were killed by the Military. Mining today is not about a small hole in the ground. The entire mountain is laid waste and the inherent pollution is harming the people living in the area. Coal mining in the USA accomplishes the same results and in Alberta it's the Tar Sands.

We slaughter seals in Canada for the fashion industry, but Europe has barred the importation of seal products so the Canadian Government (not representing the majority view) will take the European Union too court. In Alaska they shoot wolves from airplanes so hunters will have more trophy game like moose and caribou to kill.  Japan slaughters dolphins in the Cove by the tens of thousands, kills whales for research and in the open seas sharks are being killed to extinction for their fins. In Africa bush meat or wild game is not only hard to find due to poaching but most of the animals have parasites harmful to the people who eat them.

Its a nasty little world we have created in the name of progress, and this is just the tip of the iceberg which we also won't have for long due to global warming.


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